Dec 14, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well its happened again folks. Another year has come and gone and it is once again time for a little Christmas update from the Johnson's. What you say? You are new to this game? Well you had better do some catching up. The rest of the class is years ahead. Better check in with the ghost of Christmas blogs past (You know the one with the laptop and iphone under his cloak) and do some reminiscing (2005, 2006, 2007) before we have to go all Jacob Marley on you and send all three to your inbox at random hours of the night.

I must admit that I often put this letter/blog off most years out of sheer procrastination. By this year however I think I am really stating to enjoy the chance to look back and give thanks. Because it has been a good year to be a Johnson.

Since we last wrote at Christmas Scotty has had a number of firsts. First Christmas, first word (I say it was Dada, Erika says it was ball. I'll just have to relish in word number two- Guitar.), first steps (can we take that one back?), and first birthday, to name a few. The kid is all boy and loves him a good truck or tractor and he just may be my path to one day getting a dog. He has also taken to football, or at least pointing it out on the TV every time dad is watching. So he can either identify football on the TV or understands probability and statistics and knows chances are if the TV is on and Dads around that its football. But I don't get to take much credit for all the good things he does as I think it has something to do with that world class mother of his.

If I said Erika has taken to being a mother like a duck to water it would be a compliment to the ducks hydrophilic nature. It seems like every day there is something he has learned because she takes the time to help him understand his ever expanding world. We all knew she was a great teacher. Her class size has just shrunk. And while I know she has occasional pangs of longing for the friendships, accomplishment, and recognition (not to mention paycheck) of a high school teacher its nothing a big hug or kiss from one of her boys can't chase away. This year she has added many talents to her domestic repertoire from bread baking (my favorite) to online scrap booking (my less than favorite) and her sewing is even getting to be pretty impressive. Like I said she is taking this mom thing pretty seriously.

I continue to slave away in this Siberian salt mine of a town called San Clemente. Don't laugh life here can be challenging. Some days my five mile commute down Pacific Coast Highway is cloudy and last week I even turned the heater on for a couple of minutes. Don't even get me started on how much dew there is on my car in the morning. I love my job building a private practice as a chiropractor and while the challenges of these times are not lost on me at least the successes end in me doing what I truly love to do. It helps that I work with good people and a fine mentor in Michael Kreutz.

This year like many in the past has been one to reflect on and give thanks. I definitely have gained a new empathy for good old Bob Cratchit. While he didn't have the money or possessions of Scrooge, he found great joy in the things money does not buy, and as a result was truly happy even in the midst of various hardships. (Now I must admit, I haven't got it nearly as bad as Bob. Dr. Kreutz is no Scrooge and really I'm the one always trying to make the office colder not adding lumps of coal to the fire and Scotty is no Tiny Tim...he couldn't even pass for just plain old Tim. No He's a regular Husky Tim.) But like Mr. Cratchit this has been a year to give thanks for the simple things in life that bring us real joy.

And each year when we begin to feel so blessed that we just can't take it anymore, the holidays hit us and we are reminded that on top of it all, we have been the recipients of the greatest gift ever given to mankind in the form of a babe born in Bethlehem.

May we each take a the time to give thanks for that which brings joy into our lives, and ponder with reverence a loving Father in Heaven and the gift of His Son during this special time of year and always.

Merry Christmas From the Johnson's


  1. Yea! I love your Christmas letters, and this one didn't disappoint. It does keep me from trying to write one. I can't compete!

    I am so happy for you and your beautiful little family.

    See you soon.

  2. wait a second. didn't i just read this over at the baby bandwagon? what the . .


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