Apr 19, 2007

Because Erika is too Humble

OK blog readers its time for a break from the constant ME talking about ME that has become the norm here on E&T's Universe. I am forced to do this as Erika hasn't made any attempts at writing herself, and as stated in the title she probably wouldn't tell you all the cool stuff anyway.
If you have read either of the posted Christmas letters from years past you know that Erika is a superstar. This year has been no relief from her constant out-doing me in every possible way. At 20 weeks pregnant she continues to teach an aerobics class 4 times a week (a class that I am told kicks the butt of any and all takers). And let me remind you that thats no small potatoes child she's got in there. That is a Johnson male (I was a college offensive linemen, my brothers are all over six feet tall). But wait there's more. She's a top notch youth adviser in her church calling , and last but not least she is a wiz of a high school biology teacher to boot. It is that last calling that allows me to brag today as the day before I was to graduate from grad school she was already collecting professional accolades.
If you didn't cheat and look at the picture below Erika was honored in the community as the Teacher of the Month. No small feat as she has some stiff competition and the award is only handed out to 5 teachers every year.
My thoughts were, "well its about time!" For all the work she puts in its nice to have a luncheon in your honor once in a while (especially for me as this means a good meal that I had nothing to do with earning). If you didn't know it Erika this year has taken on the task of reviving the AP biology course at Whittier High. Not that big a deal you say? Well factor in that she teaches 4 periods of AP and one regular Bio and you see how gifted she is.
Now it is apparent that I am proud of her accomplishments as I am gushing here. but let me just add one more thing. The greatest compliment she was paid at lunch on Friday was her principle (a solid guy who has done great things at Whittier) stating to the crowd that if he were put to the charge of starting a school from scratch and he could take one teacher with him, it would be her. He also said many other great things about her and we are all very proud of her accomplishments,
and she would never tell you about any of them.............. no matter how many times she reminds me.


  1. I finally got around to reading this, and, Erika, I just have to say that I'm soooo proud of and impressed with you.

    Uncle Kim

  2. Erika,
    That is so amazing!!! You are incredible. It's been forever since we've talked. And I miss you! I just started a blog of my own, so feel free to check it out: staceyandheathfam.blogspot.com

    Seriously, you are going to be the best mom ever! I can't wait for you to experience all the joys that come with that sweet baby! I'm still working until Heath gets done with school in one year and sooner or later, I'll be telling you that I'm finally a stay-at-home mom. Miss you!!! Talk to you hopefully soon. love, Stace


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