Mar 26, 2007

Christmas Letter 05

Merry Christmas

From The Johnsons

Dear Friends and Family

Alright let me level with you, I’m in over my head here. I week ago I promised Erika that I would write this Christmas letter. “How hard could it be?” I haughtily exclaimed. I mean, I must have read hundreds of those things and they’re all the same. Right? You make your sappy intro, fill the middle with stuff that makes your friends wish they had it as together as you do, while at the same time making the subjects of the letter look like some sort of Super-Family (capitalized to show that we’re not just talking about some cool family but a family sooo cool that they have received a proper noun and a hyphen in their honor). Finally you finish off with a capitalized Merry Christmas From the (fill in family name here) and you are golden. “Walk in the park”, I continue to say as Erika prods me for the finished product in the loving way only a wife can. So I’m under the gun here for one huge reason…….For all the hundreds of lengthy Christmas letters I have seen, (each with their very own be-sweatered family picture with poinsettia borders) I can’t think of a single one I have read the entire way through…..OH!! I mean except yours of course. I do however have one thing going for me. That is the fact that most of you have probably grown tired of reading this already. That is if you didn’t just give this letter one look and say, “Single spaced! Who does this guy think he is Victor Hugo!” and then toss aside the letter in your attempt to find space on the fridge for our smiling mugs.

All of that said I ought to get down to business if only to inform you who are still reading why you even liked us in the first place. It has been a good year here in Whittier California (a great place to live, and even better place to grow up, if I do say so myself). I mean what more can you ask for? Sunny year round, the ocean nearby, and the Angels and Trojans are dominating (don’t ask about the Lakers, it’s a rebuilding year).

Erika continues to wow and impress her peers in the science department over at my Alma Mater, Whittier High School (Go Cardinals!). I must say she is very good at what she does and loves going to work almost as much as she loves sleeping in on Saturdays. When she’s not in school she finds time to teach step aerobics 3 times a week at the local YMCA. Teaching really is her true calling. A fact made clear when she was called to be the Gospel Doctrine teacher in church earlier this year. I am not at all surprised when people from church and school come up to me and praise her for what a great job she does. I mean I knew she was a genius…..she married me right?

I continue to plug away on the mountain climb that is my educational career. The good news is that the peak is in sight and Erika makes a good Sherpa. I will be finishing up my degree in April of ’07 (at which time you will all be forced to call me Doctor) and I start clinical rotations this January. I love Chiropractic and can’t wait to get my hands on some people other than my classmates for a change. This summer I got my first taste of national boards and the wonderful long hours of stress and studying in preparation. Luckily all the late nights at the library paid off and I passed part one (parts 2-5 still to come) in September and I was back to my old self. It’s a nice break to be able to go surfing once or twice a week, and I always have my scooter rides to keep me sane.

Though it all we’ve had a great time living the past year and hope that this Christmas is indicative of the fun to be had in the year to come. We love you all and of course… MERRY CHISTMAS from Erika and Tyler Johnson

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