Mar 22, 2008

When will I learn?

Hey all Tyler here for a change,

You would think after almost six years of marriage that I would have figured out a few things. Don't get me wrong, I have learned one or two things. Seriously though, after this long we are both skilled laborers in the Button Pushers Union (Chapter 51802). But I'm not talking about anything malicious or mean- - just simple day to day stuff here.

Like I know that if Klondike bars are on sale at the grocery store I had better buy a box, or if I drink out of the jug she will too. I know that calling her anal, neurotic, obsessive, fanatical, or just plain crazy only works for a day after which she begins taking them as compliments for how organized and well prepared she is. I know that birthdays are a BIG deal and that the month of March (not just the 31st) is an official Johnson family holiday. I know that certain commercials will make her cry and that I had better not watch The Daily Show or Rob & Big without her. I know that movie previews and small electric shocks make her jump and that she can't parallel park when I am watching. I know that a recipe is like a commandment (etched in stone) and that there is no such thing as too many baby clothes. I know that even though she converted to Angel fandom (a tough order for a girl from a family of rabid Mariner fans) she will never, ever, ever forgive Alex Rodriguez for breaking her heart and becoming a Yankee. (hey as much as I disagree you gotta love it that she's that passionate about baseball....thanks Greg) I know that she doesn't listen when I ask her to take fewer baby pictures, or at least delete the blurry ones, and that she could talk to Jenny on the phone while literally performing any task imaginable. I know that if there's chowder on the menu she'll have some and that odd numbers of socks make her feel like a failure. I know that cuddles and massages make her melt , and am glad that we now have a son who can do one of those things and take some pressure off of dad. I know that for some strange reason she likes to give talks in church but can't stand the taste of chocolate. I know that she can't get most places without detailed driving directions (that we go over 2-3 times) but she can remember the birthdays of nearly every member of my extended family.

I could go on...and I might another day. But let me get to the point here. So why haven't I learned that I can't give her constructive criticism without her taking it to extremes? Just slow I guess. So the other day when I mentioned that this blog was getting a little weak in the content department and that I think it would be better to do few blogs with a little more thought put into them than many blogs bragging again about how nice the weather is here. I really should have known that what I would get is a long and preachy research paper on a touchy subject. (Sorry I had to pull a Stalin on her and censure it this morning. If you want to see her blog about Vaccinations and her view maybe she'll pull a Dick Chenney and leak it to you without my knowledge. At least then I could quit my job as a CIA operative.)

So here I am back in the mix of blog writing. I hope she doesn't get too mad at me for pulling the plug on her manifesto, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Told you I haven't learned a thing.

ps- I love you honey. Happy March! In two months it will be six years and I don't know what I did without you before then.


  1. for the record, i read the manifesto and i found it to be very well written and only preachy in a couple of spots. maybe you could republish a revised version? it is for a good cause.

  2. Now that is a great blog post! Much better than the vaccinations one. :) Happy early Birthday Erika. :)

  3. Send me a copy of the manifesto!

  4. Cute post Tyler. You do know a lot about you cute wife. I secretly like to give talks in church too. I'm not sure about movie previews, but I definitely jump in movies, not even scary ones. I jumped three times during Ratatouille. :)

    I missed the Vaccinations blog. I bet it was good, with her science background and all...

  5. Ok, first of all I have no idea what the manifesto and the vaccinations blog are, but I have to disagree with you. I think it's better to have more posts with ok quality than fewer posts with a deeper meaning. Just my $.02

  6. Loved the blog. Glad your happy. Guess your littleguy is going to be a surfer like his uncle. Does Tyler surf too? Love you good and always, Aunt Julia D

  7. that is a very sweet post from a husband!

    happy early birthday erika!

  8. So Erika, while the censorship incident might be an issue, kudos to Tyler for all of his thoughtful insights about you. Jim couldn't come up with that many facts about me if I gave him two weeks to do it, and all my friends and family as resources. I'm serious...he couldn't do it.

    But Tyler, you gotta know that if Erika is taking over your blog, she is a stay-at-home mom....we moms don't have much to blog about other than the weather, diaper blow outs, and our kids! Slightly pathetic, i realize, but true nevertheless. L)

  9. Was it a Homer simpson style flue shot expose'?

    Vaccinations are ov teh debil?

    Maybe, your kids don't need shots, they need back adjustments?

    BTW - I hate PayRod too, but was secretly hoping he signed with the Angels this last off season.

  10. Hey, I want to see the manifesto! I'm a manifesto kind of gal.

    Ok, so you may have goofed, but at least you read her blog. My husband humors me but I know he thinks this whole blogging thing to be a BIG joke.

  11. I think blogs are supposed to be out there...a real expose on what we really think and what's really going on in our lives. So, I enjoy what Erika posts and I think it a shame that she can't post whatever she wants!
    Post the Manifesto!

  12. Erika, you should start your own blog, and then post whatever you want! I like the insight into other people and what they do and think. And it's more fun to check everyday for all the cute baby stuff, and not have to wait for something profound. Besides, I would like to read the maifesto, too!

  13. I would also like to read the manifesto. Debbie Nowland (Becky's mom)

  14. Debbie-send me your email address & I'll forward it to you.


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