Apr 1, 2008

Darn Doorbell!

So I'm trying to put Scotty down for nap yesterday around 3ish (right after I burned my birthday cake by flouring the pan too much) and this is what happens:

"ding dong ding dong ding dong"
Erika: Gets excited, can it be mom's birthday package? Picks up Scotty, goes and answers the door
Standing at door is a young man, between 19 and 23 years of age
Man: "I'm here for lunch"
Erika: "What?"
Man: "I'm here for lunch"
Erika: "Is that supposed to make sense?"
Man: "It made other people laugh, I guess it didn't work on you."
Erika: "Yeah..."
Man: "I'm here from NCF, did you get our flier in your door last week?"
Erika, "No." getting more and more frustrated
Man: "Here, let me give it to you so you don't think I'm a weird, crazy, random guy" tries to hand Erika a flier through the screen door
"I already do" while closing the door

Scotty decided after this incident to not fall asleep until about 6:20. Awesome.


  1. hahahaha, that's awesome. that is some real command presence right there. What is NCF?

  2. I hate when that happens. That's why I turned the ringer off on our phone. Someone always called right as I was getting Jordyn to sleep. Hope a good Birthday anyway!!

  3. This is so wrong! I say you contact the company and ask them to come over and try to get your child down for a nap.

    Better luck today!

  4. Mike-I have no clue what NCF is... I don't really even know if it was NCF. I know it was NC something... I was so frustrated at that point I wasn't really listening to him.
    Schelle-I already turn the phone ringers off, now I've got to figure out how to turn off the doorbell!
    Sarah-you've jinxed me! He just took a 45 minute nap and is up and rearing to play. (I usually get at least 2 hours, if not 2 1/2) Grrrrr

  5. wow what a way to sell something!

  6. I wish that I lived close enough to make you a birthday cake. Sorry about the doorbell. I'm glad I don't have one.

  7. Thanks Alli! That would be a real treat :-)

  8. i love erika's response, "i already do!" that rocks! i hate the doorbell with a napping baby! grrrr!

  9. wish we'd been there for your birthday. not that scotty would have gotten any sleep with my brood around!
    curse ncf!

  10. that is hilarious..i can already see you going towards the door all excited..miss you!

  11. You are so cool! I always want to do things like this to rude people but I never have the guts.

    I've always wanted to do something I read in a For Better Or Worse comic where, when a telemarketer asks how you are doing you just start telling them every little detail about your day (like the screaming baby, the poopy diapers, your grandfather's arthritis, etc). But I always just say, "Fine."

  12. never mess with a mom and her napping baby! there is nothing more annoying!

  13. dialog is always the best way to tell a story. Are you sure he wasn't wearing a black tag?


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