Mar 7, 2008


I just got a phone call from the Young Women's Presidency in a Stake about 45 minutes north of us. They want me to be a speaker for their Youth Conference (next Saturday!). My topic? Dating Etiquette. I have 50 minutes (and have to present 2 times). Besides open the car door, don't honk but walk up to the house, pull out her chair, and don't text on your date, I'm out of ideas.
I spoke at their closing session last year and did a really good job (sorry-humility lacking in this sentence but it was really good) so I can't let them down this year. The pressure is on!!
I'm also thinking about branching out and talking about assertive communication, fun date ideas, making good choices and the church's stance on dating.
I appreciate any & all feedback you can come up with.
Thanks a million :-)
(this is on my plate on top of teaching the 17 year old Sunday School class this week and the Relief Society lesson next week)


  1. when are you coming up? Mom and I just brainstormed 90 minutes worth of ideas - and I want to be in your audience.

  2. hmmm be sure to shower and smell good :) That one took me a while to figure out. Also Movies are lame first and second dates, since you don't really get to know the person. Again, this took me some time to figure out...

  3. Get to know your date. I went on many dates where the guy didn't seem to know what to say, and all he had to do was ask me a few questions about myself. Oh, and if your date asks you about yourself make sure to give more than one word answers but don't take more than a minute or two to give an answer.

    Don't try to be so cool that you don't seem to be having a good time. Dates are supposed to be fun and entertaining so don't just stand around with your hands in your pockets looking cool.

    Be adventurous and try new things. Give your date something to talk about the day after (and I don't mean making out). =)

    Good luck on your presentation.

  4. since you have a lot of time maybe you could do some role playing and get a good discussion going with the kids. And even if you can't drive anyone in your car yet, make sure you double date with someone who can, cause asking your date to meet you somewhere is pretty lame.

  5. How about calling her the next day, or (gasp) sending a snail mail.

    Also give lots of compliments (Your hair smells good . . .etc) it's corny but it helps your date to feel relaxed about the impression they are making.

    Also, do not pull any stunts or make an awkward scene.

    I have long held that that one criteria for a serious relationship is "Are you proud to be seen with them in public."

    If the are embarassed while out on a date with you then your toast.

  6. I'll e mail you an artical on dating ideas i co wrote for our yw.

  7. good luck with all your assignments! I'm sure you'll do great.

  8. Wow!! Are you still alive after that week? Let us know how it went!

  9. I heard you did great sorry I missed is was a super busy day

  10. Here's my tip: Ask yourself, "Can you stand him?" Depending on your answer...go with it. Obviously, it's worked for me! Eh, maybe not...
    Good luck with that!


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