Oct 11, 2007

Way down on my to do list

Sorry blog readers and groupies of the bandwagon.....bloggies as I will forever now call you.

Keeping this thing up to date right now has just got to take a back seat to so much else.

I here-by promise that when things get settled here and we get into a routine that this site will be full of clever observation after clever observation, and mindless rants to your hearts content.

Until then feed your insatiable need for all things Johnson with some super cute updates to the baby picture bank....enjoy, I know this is really why most of you check this nowadays anyway.

if you didnt figure it out and click the picture just click here.


  1. i can't wait until this makes it higher on your to-do list. i miss your posts!
    good luck tomorrow at the open house. i'm sure it will be great. wish we could be there.


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