Sep 30, 2007


Sorry guys no blog this week yet. The crazyness has not yet subsided as we had a wedding and a baby blessing and tomorrow are moving.

If you are really jones-in for some Tyler Check out the website I have been building (in my free time- ha ha) for my the office. . Still needs a ton of work. Or just click on the photos link and check out the latest up dates.



  1. Hey, it's Marissa Jackman (Garces). Good to see you are doing well. Cute Family!

  2. how'd the move go? don't leave us hanging for too long.
    it was so fun to see you this weekend and to meet baby scotty. we are excited for your new practice, life at the beach, and the adventure of parenthood that you've just begun.
    love you both.

  3. Scotty is beautiful. We are so happy for you. Myrna & Richard

    Love the blog. Yours and Michal's are the one I read religiously. So get on the stick will ya! jk:)


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