Oct 13, 2007

Scotty's first smile

Erika here, my 2nd post since we've started this thing. I'm still a rookie. Just had to brag about my angel baby. He had his first real smile (not just gas or those adorable smiles they do as they're falling asleep) on October 4th and I finally was able to catch it on camera October 12th. Its the tail end of the smile-imagine it cheek to cheek, mouth open, with a small dimple on the left hand side. I love how even his eyes smile. He is adorable. If you're not a parent yet, I highly recommend it.


  1. what a sweetie! i want to eat him up! his smile makes him look like his dad.
    so glad that you are loving motherhood. hope you are getting some sleep--if not, i'm sure it's not far off!

  2. Yea! Isn't it great when they smile. It makes it all worth it... well it is worth it anyway, but you will just do anything to see that smile again. Love dimples too. Merrick has dimples.

    What an adorable guy! Keep him smiling!

  3. Smiles are designed to melt your heart. It works.

    (You know, Michal's Papa-in-in-law)

  4. what a cutie! glad you are doing well!

  5. That smile looks a bit mischievous to me, but in a very cute way. What a cute little bugga!

  6. So sweet! I sure wish I could see that big smile in person. We miss you guys.


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