Oct 26, 2007

Why Halloween is Anticlimactic

So 2 nights ago, Tyler told me that I had better take over the blog. He is so busy with marketing his new job and our little Scotty that unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat... So I will try to do my best (and if I fail miserably, maybe that will be incentive for Tyler to take back over :-)
On my mind lately has been Halloween. Every year it has been anticlimactic for me since I was a little girl. The major problem is its got this huge hype; schools have their carnivals, we have trunk or treating at church, and everyone talks about their awesome costume weeks (if not months!) in advance. My family even used to drive to another neighborhood who had better costumes than our street so we could see how people were dressed up. Then, you get back home, tired, exhausted, and dump out your plastic pumpkin...and find chocolate. Tons of it.
I hate chocolate. It tastes gross to me and has ever since I can remember. It doesn't even look tempting. Well, once I looked at something chocolate and wished I liked it because it looked good, but that is it. It was probably something my sister-in-law Michal made. Her food always looks good.
So anyway, my sister & I would sit on the floor of my room, trading chocolate for dots. I like dots. But no one really ever hands out dots. I would trade like 6 chocolates for one of my sister's dots (no coincidence that she is an econ minor at BYU). I would try to trade with my brother but he wasn't interested. It was HIS candy. No trades allowed.
I hate halloween. Again, anticlimactic. Just like prom. We spent all this money on a limo (I paid because my date didn't go to my HS), ate at a fancy restaurant, and then left for the dance. It was on the pier and the limo driver drove the wrong way around the water. We got "lost" for 1 1/2 hours. By the time we found the dance, we stood in line for pictures for 45 minutes, got to dance 4 songs, and it was over. Awesome, huh :-(
So anyway, back to the present. Now that I have a child, Halloween has a whole new meaning. Everyone is asking what Scotty will be... Why do I have to decide? Can't we skip it this year? Back when we were at BYU, our friend dressed up her adorable son as a ghost, with a "BOO" shirt and she put flour all over his face so it was white. This year, one of my great friends is dressing up her daughter (2 weeks older than Scotty) in a Halloween sleeper that she got at Target. It's black with ghosts on it. Another good friend is dressing up her daughter (about 8 weeks older than Scotty) up as tinker bell that she got from her sister's build a bear...she fits into a build a bear outfit! Great idea!

So, I got a build a bear as a baby shower gift, it was a football player! I run and get it out of the garage as Tyler undresses Scotty. We're both excited! Maybe there will be a Halloween this year! As soon as its off the bear and in Tyler's hands, we realize there is no way this will fit over our Son's 15 3/4 inch head. We try anyway... Yeah, no luck (and a very mad Scotty now)
The pants fit at least. Next option is cutting the jersey and adding velcro? Or (Tyler's eyes light up) I could sew a BYU jersey and put SCOTTY on the back!
All of a sudden this is getting far too involved.
Plus, my mother-in-law has my sewing machine because she's making a cowboy shirt for my nephew...who has probably known what he's going to be since Spring.

So anyway, don't come trick-or-treating to our place, because we're boycotting.

Ok, while browsing through our pictures for this, I found some and thought I'd do an addendum to this blog...
Other Halloween ideas:
The emperor from Star Wars



The 4th Tenor

Tyler says that last one will need some make-up and a prop
Hows this

And to finish it off, a wonderful family who doesn't need costumes (we took these on Saturday at a portrait studio Tyler's classmate owns in Dana Point)


  1. hey! thanks for the compliment! i can't believe that something i made would make you wish that you liked chocolate. i've never been sure if i pitied or envied your position on chocolate--on the one hand, it's one of my favorite foods and provides one of the best tastes on the planet, but on the other hand if i hated it, i'd save so many calories. daily.:)
    if you are interested in a size 2T byu jersey, i'd be happy to send you ours (on a loan). i would generally assume that a 2T would look like a dress on a newborn, but as you have given birth to goliath, i'm offering. let me know. i think that i could priority mail it to you and have it there before halloween.
    love you guys!

  2. You are SO funny! Tyson hates Halloween too. It isn't my favorite holiday, but I love the Fall. I am, however, one of those people who knew what my kids were going to be since like May. I am actually really excited about their costumes, and it took two seconds to make/buy! ...

    ...Tyson is Dr. Seuss, I am the Cat in the Hat, and Merrick and Berkleigh are Thing 1 and Thing 2. Check our blog for pictures after our "Trunk or Treating" party tonight!

    I laughed out loud at your post. Love all the ideas for Halloween, and I loved that you tried to fit a toy bear costume on Scotty!

  3. that is so funny that you tried to put scotty in the build a bear outfit! i never would have thought of that!

    i'm not huge on halloween either. i am the scrooge of halloween here in our house. but i kind of had to get costumes because the girls were begging me. so, we will have two little witches and who knows what the baby will be???

    i can't believe you don't like chocolate!! i wish i didn't like it! kawika doesn't like it either. you guys are weird!! j/k!

    well, have a great halloween, anyway!

  4. i totally know what you mean...although this year i am in Halloween for at least a Bamm Bamm and Pebbles outfit and probably a Fred and Wilma...all before Wednesday and decorate our trunk...i am so insane. good job boycotting and i love all the ideas...

  5. seriously, you guys are soooo funny!! I love your this blog! Can't wait to hang out with you

  6. Seriously? What is to hate about a holiday that asks for nothing besides acting a fool and getting candy for it? I was once punished as a child for something and my punishment was to miss Halloween. I thought for sure my foster mom would give in and change her mind, not so. Although the boys are nothing cool this year, Wifeys dressed us up once as a fireman, a dalmation, fire and a fire hydrant. (take your guess who was the fire hydrant.) If I was in your neighborhood I would would go out for littly Scotty, here is a dum dum pop to you little man.

  7. I think you're doing too good of a job on the blog if you're hoping Tyler will take back over :o) I love halloween but this year I questioned myself on the reason why. Maybe because it is the first of the festive holiday season. It get's better when your kids get older, unless, of course they are scared of everyone else's costumes then it isn't so much fun! Awesome blog, keep it up!

  8. I kind of feel the same way about Christmas, so much buildup, and it's over before you take an afternoon nap! Maybe if halloween and Christmas were like Hanuka, we could enjoy them a little more. You can send all your chocolate to me!


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