Sep 22, 2007

The Big Three.....Four?

Well as I languish here in a cold dark place where the BYU game is not being broadcast I figured I should update the blog.

Let me explain the title of this weeks blog. First-no we are not pregnant again and expecting our fourth......well just let me explain.

Its been an exciting week. As you can see from the previous weeks blog Scotty came home last Saturday and our lives will never be the same. He is a total champ and after a rough first night home where he woke up every 2 hours he got right into a 3-4 hour rhythm. He also has waisted no time baptizing me into fatherhood. You know you aren't really a dad until you have been unwontedly covered in the baby "big three". Namely: number 1, number 2, and spit up. Lets just say you can officially call me dad. Number one being the most sly as he found a way to get my lap soaked without getting his footie pajamas wet at all. (this so baffled me I, for a moment, thought that maybe it was me who had had the accident.) He continues to grow and is now tipping the scales at 9lbs 8oz (although that was on Thursday and Wed night he weighed 9-5 so who knows?). He spends most of his time eating, sleeping, playing patty cake with mom, and breaking down game film on the Tivo with dad......"Hey son is that your left hand you are favoring as you suck your fingers? Well, ok, you can bat and throw lefty....but you are writing with you right. "

So child birthin' out of the way it was time to get on to the next step starting my new job down in San Clemente. That means that starting Monday I got to make the trek down the 5 every morning and evening so I could begin to set up shop at my new location (1401 N El Camino Real Suite 103 if you are in the neighborhood). One day back in that "orange crush" traffic and I knew my mission was to find us a place to live near-by and fast. So everyday at lunch (after a quick stop at Pedro's Tacos) I was on the hunt for a proper domicile. It was tough as anyone who has tried to bargain hunt for apartments after a one week lay-off knows nothing that was there before is there anymore. Thank heavens for craigslist and the pennysaver. After missing out on our first apartment of our dreams just a few blocks from the office we knew we had to be serious about finding a place. I tracked down several that were up to par and we settled on one in Dana Point (about a seven minute drive to the office). I was a bit scared as there were at least 4 other people who wanted the same place and showed up at the same time to look at it, but our prayers were answered and we got it and will move in October 1st.

It was a quiet week at the office as I need to do some marketing to let people know I am there. But I was able to accomplish my primary goal this week. Get an apartment and teach Scotty how to look off a safety to open up your throwing lanes.

So the title? Well as I was explaining the many wonderful goings on in my life to one of Dr. Kreutz' patients she remarked with, "wow, 3 of the "major life changes" in one week! You're not getting married too are you?" (she said jokingly as she knew I was married). No but on Saturday, the day before Scotty's baby blessing in church, and two days before we move sixty miles away, Erika's Grandma is.

It's gonna be a hectic one folks. If I survive its gonna be one heck of a blog.


  1. Scotty is SOOO cute! He looks like you Erika! What a sweetie. Congratulations guys!

  2. great shots of scotty. i know that everyone who has seen him in person tells me he looks just like erika--but in the photos it seems like he has erika's eyes and tyler's mouth and nose. i can't wait to meet him this weekend and decide for myself.
    by the way, i'm glad to see that he has already been indoctrinated. nice onesie with the Y.
    just keep your head above the water over the next few weeks and you'll survive. it might not be pretty in the meantime, but once you get all settled into the new job, the new place, and parenthood, you all will be as happy as clams.

  3. so cute guys! you should be very proud as I know you are

  4. great looking kid, cant wait to trip him when he's old enough to toddle'
    jk, cant wait to meet my nephew, love you guys

  5. I wanna see more pictures of this super cute baby!

  6. Once Scotty Mantooth masters looking the saftey off, make sure you start coaching him on how to sell his play fakes, and identify when a blitz is comming.

    Have fun in Dana point, we will be back in south county soon.

  7. Hey, thanks for trying to send pics...
    the email is :)


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