Sep 15, 2007

Scotty's Home!

Today was a red letter day. After spending 5 days in the neonatal intensive care unit to clear fluid from his lungs and be sure there were no lasting effects from his birth we finally brought home our little boy today. Words cannot describe how good it feels to have him sleep on my chest or watch his two grandma's gush over him.
He is healthy and strong, cute as a button, and so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. Fittingly he (through his mom) was treated to a favorite birthday meal around here, his dad's famous sweet crepes. I can feel the "crash" coming as I feeling so high on endorphins right now that I don't notice how little sleep I have gotten in the last week.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.

Erika, Tyler, and Scotty

( I decided I liked the "Y" after I walked out to the car and caught a glimpse of the trunk decal I have stuck to it. It was like, "Oh yeah. I like the Y way better.")

Amendment: - Funny thing said while preparing dinner (Mongolian BBQ at Mom's). "Hey honey do you think this piece of beef looks like Indiana?????? (looking heavenward) Nice try, but bacon trumps stir fry." (It did by the way look like Indiana.....but thats not that hard.


  1. ohh, he is beautiful! and erika you look great! i'm glad he is doing so well. love him up, i know i don't have to tell you that cuz' you're already doing that, but i just love them so much when they are so tiny and mushy and floppy! it goes by way too fast! congratulations again!

  2. yeah. so glad he's home, where he belongs. having a baby in the hospital is so awful, and exhausting, both emotionally and physically.
    enjoy that baby boy.

  3. Congtratulations!!!! We are so happy for you. Thanks for the text message. We were so happy to be notified. I'd been thinking that it had to be coming soon. So....Erika, how did the whole natural thing go??? You are so brave. I'm glad he's strong and healthy, and he's oh so cute. Enjoy every moment. Even when you're up at 2:30 a.m. changing a poopy diaper.

    Email me your recent address.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Scotty is Beautiful! You 2 done Good! You really held on a long time after we saw you practicing in our pool. Happy Days are here!

  5. what a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations! I love Scotty! what a great name... and not cause it is our last name. It fits him. I can see it on the back of a football jersey... well that shows how much I know about football... i guess it would be Johnson on the back of the football jersey... oh well.. congratulations! You look great! Enjoy every minute cause it goes by so fast!

  6. Very glad to hear that Scotty is home!

    (I cruised over from Michal's place.)


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