Apr 9, 2007

Why Indiana You Ask?

Let me just say I love Indiana. There are some people there that are my favorite in the world. But there is nothing like thinking about the prospect of living somewhere other than Southern California to get you thinking about how great it is here.
We had an eventful trip. We spent the first two days with Dr Timothy Gurrola and his family in La Porte Indiana and the rest running around downtown Chicago like a couple of tourists. La Porte is a small town about an hour and a half drive east of Chicago. It was my 1st area on my church mission to South Chicago 8 years ago. It was then that I first met Dr Gurrola and chiropractic. Dr G was a local member of the LDS church and as a service to the missionaries he would adjust them for free. At first I was hesitant. Really I just didn't have an opinion either way. My missionary companion would get adjusted and I would study in the waiting room. The thing about being a missionary for any good length of time is you will find yourself walking an awful lot. Now do this with a shoulder bag or heavy scriptures in one hand and you get pain all over, but especially the back. As a long time athlete my mindset was that this constant pain was just a part of life and something that you dealt with because everybody dealt with it. One day it became too much and i decided to join Elder Cooper in the treatment room. I liked what he did from the get go. Though I didn't know it at the time Dr Gurrola practiced a technique called Gonstead that tries to be very precise in its delivery of an adjustment. Long story short I noticed an instant change in my pain and gradually I saw that my overall health change for the better.
I was in the general area off and on for around 13 of my 23 months in Chicagoland and by the end had decided that this was for me. My first day back at BYU I told the counselors I needed the classes that would get me into chiropractic school.
Its been over 6 years since then and the more I experience the more I have come to realize how talented Dr Gurrola is. I want the skills he possesses and that means putting off becoming my own boss just a little while longer and living in the harsh weather of the mid-west, then thats what we are willing to do (I acknowledge how lucky I am that Erika supports me in this and is willing to go as well.)
So that's why Indiana. That's the reason we will leave the promised land of California......... for a little while at least.

La Porte in the early spring of '99

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