Apr 12, 2007

And the winner is?

So its update time for the blog. We went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon and got what I hope is our only ultrasound. i wont go into detail about my ideas about bombarding a tiny growing thing with high energy sound waves 4-5 times during a pregnancy but we can leave it at the fact that i caved and we got it done. Erika has to know. I personally wouldn't mind waiting. A friend of ours who waited described it as the last real surprise in life. Whatever. There are more important things to fight about...like names. But before you can really fight over a good name you ought to narrow it down by 50%. (Side note. If this is anyone from Erika's family who hasn't been informed in person or over the phone stop now or she's gonna be kinda ticked) .....Ok now that they are gone we can get down to business.
First I've got to say I think its so funny how whenever somebody asks if we are having a boy or a girl they act like if its a boy I win and if its a girl Erika wins. For the record in my opinion having a girl first makes so much more sense. Of course both our families had girls first so we are biased, but hear me out. Girls grow up quicker. In my experience they take on a second mother roll fairly early in life. Now that could be more nurture than nature as my mom wasn't one to coddle her girls too much. A fact she will relay sheepishly in an instance at the grocery store when my oldest sister couldn't have been more than 3. My mom was tending to my second sister for some reason and walked up ahead of the cart. When she realized that the cart wasn't moving with her she turned to my oldest sister and said, (mind you 3 at the time) "well, come on." I don't know why I love that story so much. I can't decide whether its because of how much it embarrasses my mom to think about it, or the mental picture of my three year old big sister trying to push a shopping cart, or if its the fact that thats just how its always been with my sisters. All that said girls are just more responsible. And that means one very important thing they babysit at an earlier age......nuff said.
With my opinion out there I must say however I was still convinced we were having a boy. Really it was one simple reason that lead to my conclusion. Erika has cried less since she has been pregnant. Its like the waterworks just shut off. I am not complaining, but this was the girl who cried during aflac commercials! You know the annoying ones with the duck running around screeching Aflac all the time. I thought this was a sure fire sign it was a boy.
So have I stalled enough. do you want to know what it is? If you are a McCall and you are still reading you are in huge trouble!
So here it is the only piece of important information in this whole thing. With an updated due date of September 1st we will be welcoming a new baby boy into our family. We are both incredibly excited, and look forward to using all the parenting tips we have learned from our favorite family counselor Caesar Milan..............(aka the dog whisperer)

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  1. Yeah for the boy! It seems to be the way of the Johnsons in this generation. Girls may be more responsible earlier, but at least boys don't get their feelings hurt easily. That is a big relief around here, since I am as weepy as Erika (pregnant or not!)
    I just wanted to tell the grocery store tale the way I've heard it. I had just turned two, which would make little sister about 7 months old. Mom had this great plan to have me push Alli in the umbrella stroller while she pushed the shopping cart. But I couldn't see over the top of the stroller and my lack of athletic prowess was already an issue--I kept pushing the stroller into endcaps, other shoppers, and anything else in my way. Hence Mom's "Come on, Michal!"
    Anyway, keep up the blog. I love it and am inspired to ponder doing one of my own, although it couldn't compare to yours and that makes me hesitate!:)


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