Apr 5, 2007

Update from Indiana

Hola Amigos

Don't let the subject get you all excited, we still live in Southern California. Let me esplain.
Since we sent out a huge stack of graduation anouncements a couple days ago with the address to this blog I figure I had better do some updating. So whats going on in Johnsonville? Have you read the last two years christmas cards (below) yet? I'll wait.........ok all caught up? Good. So as you know graduation is coming and the security of saying that I am still in school is slipping away. Eventually I am going to have to face reality and find a job. So we are in good old La Porte Indiana this week talking to an incredible doctor named Gurrola about a possible one year stint in his office soaking up information. Its a great oputunity for us (and it would have to be to pry us from our comfy 80 degree winters) that will probably begin in the late summer or early fall.
So other big news? um lets see.......the angels look like they have a solid squad put together........uh........the lakers, hey they could make a run......HA! the dodgers look bad, thats always a plus.....Oh yeah there is one other small piece of news. That is...Erika's Pregnant! You heard it hear people we are only months away from the day you feared for so long. I will finally have a subject for all my hair brained schemes. Hope the kid has moxie, he/she is gonna need it. The due date is September 4th as of now. We are going in next week for an ultrasound that will hopefully allow me to stop refering to it as "it" or "him or her". I will try to update this as soon as we know. We are still unsure if we want "it" (see how anoying that is) to be a hoosier or a .....what do they call Californians, I mean to their faces? Anyhow changing doctors mid pregnancy is a bigger deal than we thought so we are exploring more options.

I am sure there is so much more going on in our lives but at the moment they seem clouded by these three coming events. So feel free to check back periodicly and see whats new. I'll try and keep this thing updated.
feel free to drop us a line
ty.johnson71@gmail.com for yours truely
erikalouraine@gmail.com for my better half
erika.tyler.johnson@gmail.com for both of us

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  1. hey, it's the Vrska family!!!!
    and we moved to Texas last year.
    It's great to see things going so well for you, congrats on the degree and the baby, you know how WE feel about boys versus girls.
    Keep in touch!


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