Mar 29, 2007

Difficulty with "the juices"

So since I started this thing my mind has been awash with ideas (most of them brilliant at the time) for subjects of blogging merriment. My problem is I am surrounded by things that just kill the "creative juices". I admit that on the most part they are all associated with my own weakness, or lets call it complete lack of will power in some way or another. Talk radio is a huge culprit. That stuff just rots my brain. I can't count how many times I have had an infant idea bouncing around up there on a drive somewhere (most recently this has meant the 45 minute one to and from United Chiropractic in Ontario for my internship) only to have it squashed by my inability to; first write it down, as any attempt would require I set down my.....insert driving distraction know breakfast, cell phone, razor, i pod, any combination of any and its a wonder I haven't died out there and done you all a favor and taken out that lady who keeps braking for no reason with me-now where was I. Oh yes, like I want to write it down when its not even partially formed.( you all caught up here? I know its a poorly punctuated rant, just read back a little I'll wait.) Last I know we were talking about writing things down...ya good...ok
Secondly I have to blame my inability to change the station once even one word has been uttered due to the trance-like state I get from a good article on NPR. But its not just the monotone that gets me. It's how easy it is to listen to. I think a lot of times its the newness. If you spend any amount of time in your car here in LA you have heard all the music your radio station has to offer and so its a welcome escape........but a juice killer. Especially if it was musical inspiration that you were working on. Talk radio is music inspiration kryptonite. If my mind trying to compose lyrics and melody were Wonder Woman, then talk radio is holding me by the wrists (look it up, it was her weakness). It doesn't help any that I have only taken up song writing on a dare from a fellow amateur musician and that I stink at writing songs that don't end up sounding like lifehouse, creed, or some terrible country music song (and by this I mean all country music) where there is no mystery or interpretation of the deep or profound lyrics. I mean would you really rather learn about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald or hear your love compared to a powder keg thats puttin' off sparks? (note: After writing this I can't believe in one run on paragraph I let on to what a big Wonder Woman and Bonnie Tyler fan I am). Now I may be setting the bar a little high but can I help it if i don't want the things that come out of my mouth to be total garbage?
Ok but we are straying from the subject here people lets focus......what was I talking about? oh yeah juice killers. TV is the obvious next choice, but not all TV. Reality TV is definitely a juice killer. Which is one reason I don't watch any reality TV that involves an island, a millionaire, a bachelor, a house, fat people loosing weight,the making of any band (no matter who's putting it together), getting fired, eating horse rectum or anything that had to be pickled to be edible, or voting from the audience. This covers the ones i won't touch with a ten foot pole (if you can gain inspiration from that drivel called Idol you are a better man than me.) But I have my own addictions, (overhaulin, dirty jobs, Two-a-days) and much like talk radio I find myself wrapped in their warm thoughtless embrace.
I really don't know how to end this, I had a really great idea brewing but the one thing in this world that is both limitless inspiration and juice killer in one just walked into the bedroom and announced it was time to go to sleep.

Gotta go. Just got a great idea for a song. All I need is a word that rhyms with orange....where's a rhyming dictionary when you need one?

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