Mar 26, 2007

So I guess I'm a blogger?

Its a scary scary world people. And it just got a little scarier. That's right after holding out with a resolve that would make the Amish proud I am throwing my hat into the ring of bloggers. They say regular people do it these days. They say its not just for conspiracy theorists and dungeon masters anymore. But that can't keep me from feeling a little geeky.

It scares me a little that I will be bearing my vast shortcomings in the spelling and grammar department to the world and my in-laws, but with so much coming up in our lives and the idea of loosing my best captive audience ever (you poor members of the SCU Class of 07) I figured I needed an outlet for that energy before I started chatting up Jay-dubs or taking in stray cats.

It's likely that I will write most of this after Erika has gone to bed so expect plenty of material based on sportscenter, seinfeld reruns, and my super sweet sixteen (a show that in my opinion proves the terrorists are winning). But I watch too much TV these days and rarely find anything outside my TiVo rotation that I really enjoy watching or talking about.

I imagine I will let Erika contribute since her name got top billing (she's the E in E&T ). But you should be able to tell the difference as her posts will reflect her sweet disposition and become instantly more popular than anything I can come up with. Just one of the things you deal with when you marry above yourself.

We are stepping into a scary new realm people........Can you handle it?

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