Feb 12, 2008

The GREAT visit

A few weekends ago, Scotty's Great Grandma Joy & Great Grandpa Gil came down for a visit. They hopped on a train at 6 in the morning and arrived just in time for morning nap :-). On the way home from the train station, we stopped at the local nursery to pick up some seeds. We bought basil, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, a small blueberry bush & some flowers.
Great Grandma Joy loves gardening...she used to come visit us in Seattle and would spend the entire week on her knees weeding my mom's flower beds. I used to think she was crazy but now that I've grown older, I actually enjoy gardening. (if you know my dad, insert his voice here with an English accent saying, "It'll be so fun to work in the garden together." Its a long story combined with an inside joke here, sorry)

Back at home, it was time to get to work. While GG Gil & Scotty napped, Grandma & I made a compost pile and planted our seeds (indoors for now until spring) and our blueberry bush (outdoors) in the wonderful garden area Tyler made for me.
We had so much fun talking about family history (my "new" addiction). Grandma seems to remember everything and everyone so I felt like I was lapping up every word, trying to remember it and make these people she was telling me about a part of my life.
In addition to gardening, we enjoyed reading books to Scotty, cooking together, watching Gil try to figure out our 3 remote TV, taking Scotty on a walk, and visiting my dentist.
I also took her to aerobics with me. Yes, my 80 year old Grandma (in July) came to 24 Hour Fitness and participated in my gym class. All the members in my class were so impressed :-). After our cool down & stretching, they now know why I'm so flexible. Its in the genes! It helps that she taught aerobics herself until she was 75 years old.

They left the following afternoon after a delicious lunch at the Fisherman and another nice nippus.
We love you GREATs!!! Thanks for coming! You owe us at least 10 more years! Keep it up!
Erika & Scotty


  1. How lucky you and little Scotty are to have Great-grandparents that are so involved! It looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. Isn't it so wonderful to have visitors once in a while. We love it, and wish we could get our families here more often. I can't even remember when the last time our parents visited, probably for Truman's baby blessing.

  3. looks like fun.
    i am so glad that my older boys got to know their great grandma johnson before she passed away. there is something special about having memories with the generations that have preceded you.
    scotty is lucky to have some greats nearby-ish.:)

  4. holy cow erika!! your little boy is getting SOO BIG :) wow wow wow!! i REALLY REALLY hope that i can see him!

  5. Sweet pictures of Scotty and "The Greats"! Sounds like a lot of fun. I need your grandma to come and help me get my garden jumpstarted next. I love to have fresh herbs right outside, you and Tyler are going to love it too.

  6. how fun! i love that you teach aerobics! what kind of classes do you teach? something i've always wanted to do but never have...maybe someday. And so awesome that your 80 year old great grandma taught until she was 75!! Holy cow!


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