Feb 17, 2008


"Especially For Grandma & Grandpa"
Aunt Jenny is in town and her digital camera can record 30 seconds of video. We took out Scotty's jumper last week and he LOVES it. Unfortunately the camera doesn't record sound too...just picture him screeching with delight :-)


  1. Is really old enough to be doing that already? Adorable!

  2. You've got to love the jumpers!!! Scotty is so cute! And growing so fast!

  3. That is just the cutest video. He really looks like he is enjoying that! Just jumping away! Too cute!

  4. that is so cute. Truman loved his jumper too. He looks so much like you. Such a cutie!

  5. He is so precious. I sepecially love it when he pauses on each side to look at you and soak in your reactions before he continues.

    Flint has been telling me that we need a jumper. This closed the deal!

  6. THanks for the blog! He is so cute. Unforturanately, the computer is
    going really slow so the video is going buggy. Also, I liked the new
    pictures on the blog. Got to go to church now. Bye

  7. Kim and I just watched it and loved it. Kim filled in the sound of
    with his own delighted screeching. Loved it, thanks for sharing.

    Hope to see him in person!

  8. That was definitely worth it! He's so alert and happy ;)
    Love you,

  9. He'll be ready for a trampoline in no time!

  10. Oh goody, I have the link to your blog again and a month of blogging to catch up on. I love reading your posts and seeing your darling Scotty.
    The jumper is the best, huh? Scotty is already a pro jumper!
    It's a bummer you lost the photos of Scotty's first beach day. There will be plenty more of those days ahead.
    Thanks for hanging out with me today. You are so fun to talk to.


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