Jan 8, 2008

When Old Ladies Flirt

At the fabric store today:
Cashier: What an adorable baby!
Scotty gives her a huge smile
Erika: Thank you :-)
Cashier: Whats his name?
Erika: Scotty
Cashier: Ooh, you can beam me up anytime!


  1. Has it really been only 2 weeks since I saw you? I think in that picture, I can see what he will look like as a little boy, instead of a baby!

  2. wow! she did not really say that! all i can say is, wow!

  3. What a great cashier! That was really cute, as are the latest tummy time pix.

  4. Hi Erika!! Scotty is just adorable. How did you find my blog? just curious. I hope you are well. Hope to see you back on my blog soon. :) I'll definitely be back to yours.

  5. that's hilarious. i'm in a quiet computer lab at BYU right now and i just laughed out loud when i read that =]


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