Jan 15, 2008

A blog only a mother would appreciate

So this morning, Scotty woke up unusually earlier than normal (8:20 instead of 9:15). I patted his bum, attempted to nurse him, sang a little song, and tried to show him I was still sleeping. It didn't work so finally at 8:35, I admitted defeat and we got up out of bed. As I picked him up, I felt some wetness on my hand and thought "What the heck? He's drolling already?" (drool usually doesn't make an appearance until at least 10 am). I set him down to grab the burp cloth and he reached up for his feet (his favorite toy these days).
This is what I saw:
Oh my goodness! I would have taken a picture with him in it but couldn't find the camera and he was ready for a diaper change right now.

This obviously warranted a bath and an entire outfit change. My little angel hung out so sweetly on the bed while I started the laundry load & weighed the diaper (the science teacher in me has to chart these things!)

And weighing in at a whopping 12.9 oz, we have an all time winner!
(dry diapers weigh only 1.1 oz)


  1. oh my gosh that blog was hilarious...i got your message the other day.. so sorry i haven't called back. i am up to my ears glueing 675 invitations....ah!!! i will call you soon...love you!

  2. Had to laugh at the record diaper weight. Don't know how mom will respond though. When does he start solid food?

  3. i love that you weighed it! you are so awesome!

  4. i cannot believe you actually weighed the diaper! that is hilarious!

    please tell me this is not your first blow-out/leaky diaper!

  5. Way to go Scotty!

    My favorite is when you are changing and they decide to pooh! My friends baby girl had a rocket of pooh that went at least 4 feet straight out!

  6. Scotty is good. He even blows out the expensive diapers! I recently bought a box of cosco diapers (because they were so cheep)I have had tons of blowouts since.

  7. I still can't stop laughing about you weighing diapers. You are lucky you were home for that, my kids save up until we are out in public. Then they make sure that it is very loud and smelly!! I'm glad you can enjoy the "fun" times. Keep up the good work!!

  8. lol that you weigh the diapers! and take a picture of the record! i hope that isn't the same scale that you use for food???:)

  9. Erika thats is so funny! I'm not a mother but I do appreciate the fact that I think it was hilarious you weighed the diaper! Hope everything is going great!


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