Sep 5, 2007

Its Official

That little piece of bacon was right....Bet you thought you were finally gonna get a name? No Erika is still very much pregnant and we are still not leaking baby boy Johnson's name. But the bacon was right! This week I officially took a job with a chiropractor in San Clemente. I won't be starting until after the baby comes, (so who knows....June at this rate) but it is nice to have the things you have been praying for work out. It really is a blessing.

The doctors name is Michael Kreutz and he has been practicing in San Clemente for the last 25 years. He has a great office on the north end of town right on El Camino Real (for those of you familiar with SC). For those of you who know it real well, its about 3 blocks north of Pedro's Tacos and right next to T. Patterson surfboards. I have always loved San Clemente. Ever since that first spring break surf trip to Doheny I have been in love with that area, but it has always seemed just a little out of reach. Driving around this week looking at apartments (we will rent until we have some money saved and the market stabilizes) we kept looking at each other saying "we are going to live here!" One of the things I love about it, and most beach cities is it definitely has a small town vibe. Its one of the things I always loved about Whittier. Whittier for a town of 90K located 20 minutes from downtown (in good traffic) still had a small town feel. Especially uptown where the age of the city gave the buildings a little more character. It is something I have looked for in every town I have considered as my new home town. I have to say some places pull it off better than others.

The office is also a huge plus. I have been looking for a doctor who I could learn the ropes from, but also be given the freedom to practice in a way that was uniquely my own. Dr. Kreutz so far seems just that. He uses the Gonstead technique, (the chiropractic technique I have worked long and hard to try to learn) has years of experience, a large office that will afford me room to work without stepping all over each other, and he has the laid back demeanor of someone who has been living in San Clemente for the last 25 years.

We are both so excited about the big changes coming up in our lives and incredibly aware of how much The Lord is blessing us with in what seems like one lump sum.....kinda like the windows of heaven have been opened......Now lets see we are gonna have to make some room here in order to receive it.....Gotta go. Next post - Baby Johnson

Have you clicked on the photos link on the right side of this page it is full of pictures of your favorite Johnsons......I mean other than Michal.....but I guess she's not really a Johnson anymore.


  1. wow...i hope baby doesn't keep you guys waiting too much longer! hang in there, Rik, it'll be worth it very soon! love to you guys and let us know when he shows up...i'd love to know his name:)

  2. congratulations, you guys on the new gig in san clemente. you named all the reasons that jared and i had for loving sc, especially the small town feel. i'm so glad that the lord is blessing you guys. we can't wait to visit you guys (at least once you're in a house instead of an apartment.) lots of good things coming your way right now. can't wait for the new nephew.
    lots of love to you both.

  3. Yay!!! Congratualtions on the job! you must be very excited and relieved to be able to stay in southern california... and San Clemente for that matter! well we are ready and waiting to hear about new baby johnson! ps... erika, I just saw you called, but it is kinda late over there so I'll call you tomorrow!

  4. wow! lots of great things happening for you guys! that is very exciting. i was so happy for you when malia told me you were expecting! i remember how much erika loved lala and i knew she would be an excellent mom someday. i hope by now you've had the baby. it's no fun being past your due date. lala was 5 days late and it killed me! can't wait to hear the name! it's fun to read your blog!

  5. wow! lots of great things coming your way! i was so excited for you when malia told me you were expecting. i remember how much erika loved lala and i knew she would be a great mom someday! i hope you have had the baby by now. it is no fun being past your due date! lala was 5 days late and it killed me! can't wait to hear baby's name! it is so fun to read about you on your blog!

  6. T,

    Curse you and your computer abilities. How did you get the music to play in the background? I could only find sites that suggested changing the HTML.
    I am glad to hear things are rolling in the right manner for you. It will be nice to have someone to visit in SoCal. Sorry I have not played in the football leauge. I am never around when the games happen and you know my interest in pro. I don't know about you, but I think that Robert Johnson would be a cool name. Just me though.

  7. Congrats on all the latest news. You have to let me know how things are going so I can visit and get a burrito.

  8. Congrats on the job offer. That is great. Tyson is looking at a residency program in SC. It would be fun to see you guys again! Hopefully a Congrats on a baby will come soon.


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