Aug 26, 2007

Another Week of Waitng

Sup Peeps?- Nah too ghetto speak- gonna loose my over 29 demographic

My Fellow Americans.........Uh probably not a good idea right now if I want more than 20% of you to like this.

INHABITANTS OF THE INTERNET, LOOK ON MY BLOG AND DESPAIR!- Yeah thats only slightly less overlord-ish than that last one.

Wow I am really having trouble getting this thing started this week. You see what I go through in order to bring you the pure comedic genius that this blog has been at times. I've gotta say I'm just not feeling it today. But there are goings on that must be idly written down so strangers and friends may know the inner workings of my brain. (Seriously, one of these days they are gonna invent a program that can psychologically profile you based on your blog entries and I am gonna have to change all my passwords and pin numbers)

As the title of this weeks entry states our first born still resides at 1 Erika Place (population 2) . Like I said in the last update we had gotten a little gun shy about venturing far from home after our doctor told us that this baby was ready to come and that at any minute we could be neck deep in amniotic fluid.......Well maybe he wasn't that graphic but we got the picture. But a week later when nothing had changed we were ready to get out of the house. Luckily as a birthday present my mom had booked us a room at The Pacific Inn down in Seal Beach that just happens to be managed by an old family friend. We headed off for a night away that was still close enough that we didn't worry. The hotel was great. Newly remodeled and close to the ocean. We walked around the neighborhood and looked around in the shops, but didn't get in the water (man if 21 year old Tyler read that last sentence he'd of punched me right in the gut.....shoot 28 year old Tyler isn't proud of it, but thats life). In addition, my mom had also booked through the hotel a sunset gondola ride for us that evening. We got there right at dusk and were surprised to see a real live italian gondola complete with stripped shirted singing oarsman. It was about as perfect as a gondola ride could be. and definentley something I would recommend if you are visiting Huntington/Seal Beach.
Here are a couple of snapshots from the voyage.

We had a great time and woke the next morning feeling like we had actually had a mini-babymoon.

We had breakfast at this cool Irish place down the street that morning. The only reason I mention it is what happened at the end of breakfast. Now I am not one to ask for signs. I also am pretty skeptical of virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwiches and Jesus tortillas. Some of you may know that we have been trying to decide if Indiana really is where we should spend my first year in practice or if we should look around a little closer to home. Well when i looked down on my plate at the end of breakfast there was one tiny thing left on my plate...... A sign from the heavens (not really, I just kind of laughed at it when I saw it).

Now I dont know about you, but that looks like a piece of bacon in the shape of the great state of California. Coincidence? Well probably. I mean who really believes in these things? But as we had already kind of made up our minds that way we adopted it as the end all factor. (man looking at that plate is making me hungry)

We pretty much laid low the rest of the week. I went and interviewed a few doctors down south (my dream practice site is in Carlsbad) and we caught up with our Tivo. This week I think we have tried to make a better effort at not letting the baby tie us down too much. So on Saturday after I spent a day working with a doctor down in San Diego we went to the Angel game.

We had a good time with some members of our ward and Troy Glaus (one of my favorite Angels of all time) even had a huge night, unfortunately he now plays for the Blue Jays........yeah. Well they pulled it together today and got the win, but they have a huge series in Seattle against the rival Mariners. And we all know that an Angel loss to the Mariners is a sure fire way to get a phone call from the in-laws "just to chat". Actually things have been pretty cordial this season on the baseball front (past years have involved some trash talk- maybe that was brother-in-law Steve's doing). I have had a lot of fun fashioning "faint praise" for the boys in blue in what seems like a weekly email exchange with Erika's dad. Usually something like, "Boy the way you guys are playing we'll never catch you, hopefully they can keep it up."- Translation, "I hope all of your pitchers break their arms and you manager comes down with disintery." To which I respond. Well thats what you've gotta do when you are in first place (always a great comeback when you can use it) but you know sometimes its easier to chase than to lead.- Translation, "We're in first and its staying that way. Good luck in the wild card race.....but not too much luck.

Shoot, all in all its exciting times here at Casa de Johnson. Lots of new stuff coming our way. Be sure there will be a blog here soon detailing both my new job and our new addition. Until then, Keep watching the ski's. (I've just been informed that that should read Skies. Wow that makes so much more sense)


  1. I keep waiting to see the post announcing your new one! It sounds like your doing a good job of keeping busy so you don't think about it too much. What a nice vacation you had...close to home. The bacon story cracked me up. Definitely a sign. :) Keep us posted. Hey, check out my blog sometime because I have some old friends links of ours on there - Scotts, McGraths, Rosemanns, Dovers, etc. from the old BYU ward. :)

    P.S. The Dbacks aren't looking too shabby, either :)

  2. loved the sign from the breakfast gods.
    btw, there is a funny typo. i don't think that you meant that the gondola guy was wearing a "stripped" shirt. i'm pretty sure you meant "striped." because stripped implies that he's not wearing a shirt. i quickly scrolled down, hoping to see some tan, muscular (bare-chested) guy on your gondola, only to find him in a "striped" shirt. bummer.:)

  3. so glad you guys aren't moving. so with my experiance the doctors have no clue when the baby will come for sure but i do hope he come soon for you. cant wait to see him

  4. Yea, well. . .last night I slept at the bottom of my bed last night at the foot of my boys. What a loyal dog. No Gondola, but linky did lay in his crib saying da da da da da. It's a fair trade off.

    Your sell out LA Angels are doing a much better job than my LA team. They imploded. Kinda of got used to it though. Wonder what is better, selling out and being in first or being OG and losing all the time. (ahh crap, just realized Dodgers sold out a long time ago, the heck with it. When does Basketball start?)

    Get that baby out of there already!

    ps. I just looked at the bottom of my comment and I think i might have seen another sign for you, the word verfication word is "sfhin" say it fast. Ahhh yea.

  5. Tyler & Erica...
    After checking your blog yesterday to see if there was any new news on a baby, I had a dream last night the baby's name will be Brian Andrew. Please let me know if I am truly having visions! See...not knowing his name is really making me nuts!
    Rebecca Huffaker

  6. Ha! Thats a first. Sorry Rebecca Brian Andrew didn't even make the short list. But we will all know soon enough.

  7. We keep checking... hope you are doing well Erika. I know how you feel. :( But it will all be worth it... hang in there... and let us know when you have a new little one.

  8. Hey guys! So is it official?? Are you staying in California?? On our blog you said you found a place close to work so we're hoping that means you have the job all set up! It was great to have you guys come down and visit with us! I'll send you those pictures from the pool, you can also check them out on our blog, i posted a bunch of pitures yesterday. Hope everythings good and you're still feeling good erika! Take care and we're excited to hear about the newest edition! Love you guys! Aloha!


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