May 9, 2007

One of Those Days

Throughout your life there are days that stick out. I'm not talking about birthdays and anniversaries, but days that are different because of some surreal experience. Today was one of those days. It wasnt like I had some mind blowing epiphany or had my paradigm shifted. No it was much much weirder.
But first a little background.
LACC (Thats Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) has this assigning way of delaying licensure after your graduation that makes it difficult to make money as a chiropractor until oh say August. If you as me its a total racket since this means that if you want to practice in the interim you must enroll in the schools extern program. Now that little number is gonna set you back about 600 bucks a semester and you are limited to working under another licensed doctor until you have one of your own. Because of this little loop hole doctor feel like they can get away with hiring you on for what accounts for slave labor knowing that you are starved for cash flow and those student loans aren't paying themselves. Now here is the thing that irks me silly. All it would take to change this would be for the school to allow students who qualify to take the last part of national boards one cycle sooner. This equates to them allowing you to take a test during your final semester once all your course work is long over instead of one month post grad. Other schools do it....we don't. They just won't sign the forms until its too late to apply for the test pre grad. Total racket.
So I have this way of quiet rebellion when I feel like I am being cheated. So I refuse to play their little game. This leads us to my surreal moment of the day. For you see I have set about seeking out alternative employment. So last week I found myself in the district office at the Whittier Union High School District where they have seen me fit to become a substitute teacher. (Not a bad gig in So Cal as it pays pretty good and has flexible work days for things like studying for my board exams!) So sure enough this week rolls around and where do I find myself assigned but good old Whittier High School herself......My Alma Mater. (cue the organ cords here- dun dut duuuuhhhhh)
Talk about crazy feelings. Walking through the halls with a lesson plan at my side and a mean teacher scowl on my face I became "The Man". And not in the cool way like when people say "you da man!" but in the lame way like what Zach De la Roca is always singing about raging against. In a way a little piece of me died today and you know what....I think I can live with that. I beats the alternative.....selling crack (mind you I never would have been a mean crack dealer. More like a nice crack dealer, you know like "hey, you want some crack?") But I digress. It was strange being on the other side today. Its a funny place eating lunch in your room with other teachers all calling each other by their first names and complaining about standardized testing. But I guess thats what I have to deal with now that I am graduate.......What a Racket


  1. Tyler & Erika--I love hearing how things are going, it is not as good as being close, but I will take it. Congrats Erika in the teacher of the month, that is huge. (I must say I really liked the picture becasue I can see a little prego going on:) Love Ya--Shauna

  2. keep on blogging! i love reading your blog and wish that you would post more often. it was great to see you and the other johnsons last week. wish we could live the beach life more often.


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