Apr 24, 2008

The Baby Bandwagon

Ok by now the regular checkers of this blog may be throughly up in arms with the lack of frequent posting. Some may even wrongfully blame me for causing such a predicament. I can only respond with the same level of frustration - maybe even more. I told you before I can't say a word around here without it being taken to extremes. But I think I may have a solution. At the risk of bruising my ego and seeing what people really come to this blog for (here's a hint, its not the witty banter. No I think there is a certain pint sized purpose driving most of the traffic to this site) I have decided to set up a blog for Erika thats all her own. Dedicated solely to the posting of gratuitous baby pictures, long winded soliloquies about child rearing, and my personal favorite bragging about the perfect weather here in San Clemente/Dana Point.

So here it is - The Baby Bandwagon (lets hope the name generates some brand loyalty)


(and stop harassing me about cutting you off from the constant flow of little baby cuteness)


  1. Fun!
    Scotty was certainly not the ONLY reason I come to this blog, but I will enjoy The Baby Bandwagon.

  2. You're cute Tyler. I come to the blog for you witty banter too. Can't wait for some updated pictures of little Scotty.


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