Jan 25, 2008

Good Addictions

As I drove home from the dentist yesterday, I was thinking about things I am "addicted" to. Here is my list, in no particular order.
1. Going to the dentist.
I absolutely love getting my teeth cleaned. Honestly, its like getting a massage for me. I would go 1x a week if insurance would pay for it. It helps that I've been cavity free for the past 26 years and 10 months :-). I love that smooth, clean, fresh feeling I have each time I leave.
I also love my dentists. Dr. Davis was my childhood dentist. He came to my wedding & my brother's Eagle Court of Honor. He always had a good joke up his sleeve and his "treasure chest" was full of amazing things. I always got to pick something out after we were finished and I got a sticker for my shirt. Plus, after the 1/2 hour was over, mom would take us to Dicks for lunch.
And now I have Dr. Paniagua. He is so sweet, friendly, and always tells me what beautiful teeth I have. I love it how the dental assistants are shocked when they look in my mouth and realize I have no cavities. This last dental trip, I brought Scotty with me (Tyler & I tag-teamed it during his lunch hour), and as we left, the dentist told him, "I hope you have teeth like your mom!"
Ahhhh I LOVE the dentist.
2. Exercising
If you know me well, this one should be a no brainer. I have taught aerobics at 24 Hour Fitness since March of '06, taught aerobics at the Uptown YMCA from Jan of '04-August of '07, worked at Harbor Square Athletic Club from September of '98 until I got married in May of '02, played 3 sports in high school, and my family goes to the gym for our weekly FHE activity. I love exercising.
I taught aerobics 4x a week up until 3 weeks before Scotty was born and am now back in the saddle. Only teaching 1 night a week right now, I go to the gym from 10-11pm 3 other nights of the week. It feels so fantastic. I leave full of endorphins and feel physically as well as spiritually fed. During my nightly gym workouts, I dedicate my time to reading the Joseph Smith Manual as well as the Book of Mormon.
3. Jen
Ahhh my second to favorite addiction (Scotty is my first). My sister Jennifer & I have been best friends for quite some time now. We talk on the phone daily (if not hourly!) and "web cam" every Sunday night. Just yesterday, I called her probably 8 times and she called me at least 4.
Yes, dad, she is studying.
We have so much in common and really enjoy talking with one another. Her current plan is to serve a mission, come home, meet the man of her dreams, and move in down the street from us. That way she can watch my kids while Tyler & I go on dates and vice versa. Or, Scotty can watch all the kids and we can double. Its going to be a fantastic life.
4. Good Food
Being a Johnson (or a McCall for that matter), you can't miss out on this addiction. There is nothing like good food. The food is so good around these parts I used to take pictures of our plates every night and put together a picture menu book of deliciousness. Its a good thing I have addiction #2 or I might be as big as a house!
5. Washing Dishes
Yeah, I hear you in your head there thinking "weirdo." I love washing dishes. It is fun for me (and a good thing because somehow Tyler didn't learn how to do it growing up). If you wash dishes at my house, I've been known to pull them back out of the dishwasher and re-wash them...sorry Evan. No offense. Its just fun...and I'm the only one who can do it "right" :-). When we lived at Rhonda's for a while, she used to wash dishes at night and comment on how she enjoyed doing it because it would wash the white board marker out of her nails (she's a teacher). I specifically remember one night when we were both standing over the sink, trying to wash dishes... Looking back, it seems like our version of a power struggle :-)
6. Mailing and Receiving mail
Another one of my favorites! I just love mail. It makes you feel so special to open up that mail box and see something from someone else. I also love sending mail for that same reason- -you get to surprise someone as well as brighten their day.
I have written several missionaries and people are shocked to hear I've never missed a week. The Johnson's like to laugh because Evan & Stu got more letters from me than their entire family combined. Its fun!
7. And my favorite addiction of all time: SCOTTY!!!
I love that boy so so so so so much!!! He's adorable, sweet, cuddly, kind, funny, and so calm. The best baby ever (sorry other parents out there, your kid is #2 compared to mine). I just love him. I love playing with him, reading to him, giving him baths, singing songs, reading the scriptures (we've finished the Book of Mormon Stories, the New Testament Stories, and are 3/4 of the way through the Doctrine & Covenants Stories), doing signing time (we're learning "Baby Signs"), napping with him (Tyler says I sleep more than I did before he was born), laughing with him, nursing him, taking walks with him, and if I'm not napping with him, I'm staring at him while he sleeps. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet spirited baby.
He is also very healthy and strong. We just got back from the pediatrician and he said (as he has before), "That is the healthiest baby I have ever seen."
I truly could not be more blessed. I have a amazing husband, wonderful son, beautiful home, wonderful family, and a strong testimony.
Who could ask for more?


  1. Too Cute! Thats fun I have some of the same my kids, mail and working out!

  2. That was the best blog ever...loved reading about your addictions. i would have to agree with the exercising and food especially. bring on the vanilla ice cream, bananas, and caramel..yum!

  3. how wonderful, i am so glad that all is going well for you guys! i like to wash dishes too:) funny.

  4. you don't have a blogging addiction yet? that one can be all consuming if you aren't careful!

  5. What a fun blog! I have to say that I was glad to hear about your mailing addiction because I enjoy getting your christmas cards! I hope that people don't give that up for the electronic version. I'm so glad that everything is going so well. I wish I could catch that exercising addiction.

    I'll have to add you to my blog. I don't think it has as much personality as yours.

  6. How can she study if you talk 12 times a day?

  7. I love my singing, story, and walk time with Isaac too.

  8. what great addictions. I need you around to work out with, you could be my personal trainer. :) Love the pics too, Scotty is a very cute little boy.

  9. I am a chocoholic - but for booze.

  10. I love the dentist too! Of course I had a great start in life as Dr. Binns was my dentist for years.


  11. Hi Erika,
    I found your blog spot through Melissa Wyatt's blog. It was great reading about how you and the family are doing. Your son is a cutie patootie! It sounds like you guys are doing great. I have my share of addictions too. I am an exercise and dentist addict also. By the way, I love your music choices at the bottom of your blog. I actually like every one of those songs. It was great hearing the Violent Femmes again. It has been over a decade.
    I'll have to add you to my blog. I just started.


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